Pickleball Tips For Beginners

Pickleball is a fun game for people to play, it is competitive and the rules aren’t difficult to learn. It takes some time to understand the game and improve your skills, but if you are patient and put forth the effort it will happen!

Learn the Basics of the Game

Before you play pickleball, learn the basics of the game. There are books with the official rules and websites where you can gather information. Many of them have graphics too, which is useful if you are a visual learner. Understanding how you gain points, who gets to serve, and which side you serve from all influence the game.

If you play pickleball with someone who knows the game better than you, they can help you with the rules too. They can give you gentle reminders on the court when you make a mistake or when you aren’t sure what to do next. Listen to their input and everything will make sense to you before you know it.

Avoid Bad Habits

It is best to learn the right movements and positions for pickleball from the start. If you develop bad habits, it will hinder your game outcome. It is hard to break those bad habits and replace them with proper techniques. Observe how others around you hold their paddle, the position of their body, and other details. Watch videos online to see the best practices and try to mirror them in your movements.

Your paddle should be high up, close to your chest. This improves your reaction time and you are more likely to connect with the ball. Do what you can to keep the ball in play and back over the net. Your target is to return baseline shots as close to the center line as you can get them.

When you serve, toss the ball in the same manner so you get a good feel for it. Your accuracy will improve when you are consistent with how you toss it and the amount of pressure you put behind doing so. Get into a routine and keep what works and modify what doesn’t. Try to relax the body because if you are too stiff, it is harder to move around and hit the ball.


Concentrate on the game, the rules, and practice. Don’t take the game too seriously, but give it your attention. Play to the best of your ability and challenge yourself to get better. Identify where you are strong with your skillset and your weak areas. Continue to work on your mobility and cardio fitness to help you get through a game without feeling tired out. The more you practice, the better you will be when you play pickleball.

Effective hand-eye coordination will guide you as you play pickleball. If your skills aren’t where you want them in this area, they will improve as you play the game frequently. At the same time, work on your agility and flexibility. Moving your feet quickly and gracefully at the same time doesn’t come naturally to most people. Focus your attention on it and soon, that movement will become second nature.

Proper Equipment

It isn’t necessary to buy expensive equipment for pickleball. Evaluate paddles and decide what you would like to start with. A few basic items including good shoes, paddles, and balls and you are ready to play.

Have Fun

You may not be the best at pickleball but don’t feel intimidated. Have fun and focus on your health and being out there enjoying what is going on around you. The skills you have will improve and you will win more games than before. When you feel confident enough, sign up for a pickleball tournament and see how you do.