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Pickleball is a cross between tennis and ping pong. The court is smaller than tennis, and the ball is easier to hit, soaring in popularity nationwide. There are a few rules, but it’s easy to pick up on. Everyone of all ages can play pickleball, and it is played all over Winnipeg.

  • Singles, doubles and co-ed.

  • Compact court and intense play.

  • Wiffle ball and solid paddles.

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Where To Play?

Due to its popularity and demand, there are several places where you can play pickleball in Winnipeg, both indoors and outdoors.

outdoor pickleball winnipeg


Nothing beats a warm Winnipeg day and pickleball outside.

indoor pickleball winnipeg


whether it’s to escape the cold, or simply the convenience, indoor pickleball is fun too!

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Enter A Tournament!

Stay tuned for local pickleball tournaments in Winnipeg!

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